Fix the Count Badge of Firefox in Ubuntu Unity

Firefox Count Badge

Firefox Count Badge

With Ubuntu’s Unity interface comes a nice feature of displaying progress or count badge for the application in their Launcher, just as in the picture here. Today however when I updated by browser to Firefox 23 on my Ubuntu 13.04 system, my system crashed (not because of Firefox) and I had to close everything that was open.

I was in a process of downloading two files in Firefox when this crash happened. Everything was working fine after that expect that the count badge and progress was stuck for Firefox. Even a system restart didn’t help.

A Solution of My Own

My natural reaction was to Google it but on this rare occasion, Uncle Google had no answer for me or maybe I wasn’t putting search expression well enough. Anyway, I though of looking for the user profile files and see if any clue was there. So the following is what I did and it worked for me.

I listed all the directories and files in my home directory using ls -la and ls -la ~/.config
Which is a common place for configuration files for various application but unfortunately Firefox isn’t one of those. But what I did find was the hidden .mozilla folder. So after going deeper into the directory structure, this is the file which had answer to my question:

~$ ls -la ~/.mozilla/firefox/nlqcscp8.default/downloads.sqlite
SQLite Database Browser

SQLite Database Browser

One more was that I didn’t have any program to open SQLite file, so I had to install such a software also:

~$ sudo apt-get install sqlitebrowser

Now all I had to do was to open this Application, locate the downloads.sqlite file and delete the rows as should in the picture. Save and done!

Firefox back to normal 🙂