Programming Languages in Arabic?

It is a well understood fact that for anyone to start development of websites and computer programs, he/she is bound to know English language as programming languages almost always have been in Latin. Attempts made to come up with programming languages other than Latin have not been successful. But this failure percentage is not demotivating for people who are working on Arabic based programming language.

Arabic Language

Arabic Language

AMMORIA is an object oriented programming language which is based on Arabic Language. It was designed to be used to teach Arabic speaking children, as mentioned on their website. Along with the language which is developed in C++ and Visual Basic .NET, and IDE has also been developed. According to the website, support for Urdu and Farsi was also planned but as of today, only 65 downloads have been made and the project was last updated on 16th July 2009. So clearly there is a lack of interest.

Now in January 2013, Ramsey Nasser, a New Work based computer professional with education from Beirut has come up for the first time a proper language based entirely in Arabic. He has named it قلب (Qalb) which means Heart in Arabic. This project has been hosted on Github. The actual programming language used to develop Qalb is JavaScript.

Lets see how well Qalb be received by the developers especially those from Arab countries.