Rotate & Flip Video Files in Ubuntu (Linux)

Rotate Video Files

Rotate Video Files

The first thing that might pop-up in the reader’s mind is that why would anyone ever want to rotate a video? Well this need arose when I recorded videos using iPad (which always auto rotate the screen according to the user orientation). But when I transferred those to my PC, I realized that some needed to be rotated 90 degrees and some 180 or vertically flipped.

Ubuntu always has the answers to my questions. In a previous post in which I shared the commands on how to record screencasts in Ubuntu, I mentioned about avconv tool and how to install it with codecs. The same nice tool can be used to flip and rotate videos also.

To vertically flip a video:

avconv -i -c:v libx264 -c:a copy -vf "vflip"

To horizontally flip a video:

avconv -i -c:v libx264 -c:a copy -vf "hflip"

To rotate it 90 degree clock-wise:

avconv -i -c:v libx264 -c:a copy -vf "transpose=1"

The copy parameter means to keep the same audio encoding.

For further reading visit the official documentation:


5 thoughts on “Rotate & Flip Video Files in Ubuntu (Linux)

  1. Your methods don’t work in all cases. A better way to do it would be like this (for the 90 degree rotation for example):

    $ avconv -i INPUT.MP4 -r **.*** -vf transpose=1 -b:v ****k OUTPUT.MP4

    where the -r frames per second and -b:v video bitrate are obtained from a CLI program such as mediainfo.

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  3. If you are asking for rotate a video 90º or 180º, you should use avidemux.
    sudo apt-get install avidemux
    them, open the video, select a new video format, don’t choose copy, then click on Filters, scroll down until you see rotate. Add it, slecet the right angle, and finally, select preview, and ok.
    Finally, file, save, save video, and your are done.

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